THIS is how you get infected!

So many people suffer computer infections, yet have no idea how it happened. We get the same question over and over: “Can you tell me how I got infected?”  Usually, the answer is no, because we only see the end result, and not the cause. We can give you general answers about how infections occur, but cannot be too specific about a given case.

We came across an excellent video that demonstrates, step-by-step, one common way that computers get infected. We think it’s a good idea for all of our clients to spent a couple of minutes watching this video. It shows how anyone can become infected, simply by doing a seemingly innocent Google web search.
You can view by clicking this link.

You will note from the video that although these criminals are clever, there are definite “red flags” that an alert user should be able to notice. The red flags we notice in this demonstration include: an odd URL (web address) link; the link leads to a page that has nothing except what appears to be a video; and clicking on the video does not actually play a video, but instead asks you to download software (hoping that you will assume the download is required to watch the video).

Of course, the biggest red flag of all comes after you have already unwittingly downloaded the software: it immediately hijacks your computer and tries to get you to submit your credit card and pay a fee for removal, which of course you should not do. If you have missed the previous red flags and gotten to this stage, your best bet is to call us for a professional and secure cleansing of the computer.