Limited Availability: Nice Laptops and Desktops from $299

Here in our Encinitas office, we have a limited supply of very nice refurbished laptop and desktop computers, ranging in price from $299 to $479, offered with a 1 year CTE warranty. If you are looking for a quality, powerful computer without spending a boatload of money, stop by and take a look at these.

For example, we currently have in stock four Dell Latitude laptop computers, all featuring fast Core2Duo processors. These are off-lease computers recertified by Dell, so they are in great shape. The Latitude is Dell’s mid-tier business-class laptop, so it’s solidly built, yet with its 14.1″ display it’s also a good choice for travelers. For these laptops we provide a one year warranty covering both parts and labor.

Our Latitudes range in price from $379 – $479 depending on features and cosmetic condition (A to B+ grades). Equivalent new Latitude laptops purchased from Dell will cost you $800 – $1200, so this is a great opportunity to own a quality Latitude rugged business-class computer, recertified by Dell technicians, at the price point of a bargain basement consumer-grade laptop or netbook.