Santa Brings a Dell?

We all know that the holidays means, aside from mangers, red noses, and airport body checks. It also means big business for technology companies. Lots of stuff is for sale, but not all of it is good. Cheap can mean low price, but it can also mean low quality.

We suggest avoiding the trap of buying computers at retail. The fact is that computer manufacturers lose money on low end computers sold to consumers at retail. They make up for that fact in two ways:

  1. Cutting corners by using cheaper components and weak warranties. This means more trips to Computer Troubleshooters for repairs, and as much as we like to see you, we’d rather see you under better circumstances.
  2. Loading up the computer with tons of “junkware”. In effect, the computer manufacturers rent out the space inside their computers to other companies who are paying to promote their wares to you. Just because a computer comes pre-loaded with a trial edition of Norton, for example, it doesn’ t mean it’s a good deal or that the manufacturer is endorsing the product as “best in class”. It just means Norton was willing to pay more to get in front of your face.

We suggest avoiding this circus by purchasing business grade computers rather than retail consumer grade computers. Chances are, you’ll end up with a computer that has better components, a better warranty, and less junk. It will be faster, more stable, and last longer. Business grade computers are not necessarily expensive, though they are not likely to be quite as cheap as the cheapest junk available in the holiday Sunday circular. For best results, we suggest a quality Intel processor (Core 2 Duo, or for a higher price, a Core i5), Windows 7, 2-4 GB or more memory, 320 GB or more disk space, and a multi-year warranty. It is not necessary to “engorge” yourself like a Christmas turkey by bulking up on excessive memory or disk space. For most people, the above specifications will provide excellent results. It is not necessary to bulk up on 8 GB memory and  2 TB disk space, unless you have very unusual computing needs or habits. If you’re not sure about these subjects and terminology, give us a jingle and ask.

Of course, you can follow the above advice on your own, but to make life a bit easier and less stressful, we’ve pre-packaged great computers that meet our specs. We’ll deliver them to you pre-configured, and even move your data and programs from your old computer. Our packages feature quality Dell Optiplex computers with 3 year warranties, in packages starting as low as $647 including our basic setup service (excluding CA taxes and fees and the Dell freight charge). We keep a small inventory on hand so that you don’t have to wait the usual 2-3 weeks for delivery from Dell.

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