Health Insurance Reform (…for your computer…)

We’ve all heard about health insurance reform for ourselves, but what about our computers? With meticulous care and a fair share of luck we can avoid most colds and other infections, but sooner or later we end up at the doctor’s office. Many of us will take preventative steps like getting an annual flu shot, and will have some form of insurance for when we do get sick.

The situation with our computers is similar. If we are very careful and very lucky, we can avoid most computer infections, but the truth is that the scammers and crooks are getting better and better all the time, and no single antivirus software solution can protect us. Cleaning up the mess can be a costly experience. How would you like to never have to never again have to pay for antivirus software or for infection removal and repairs? There is an anti-malware “insurance” plan that takes care of those issues as covered services, at a cost of less than 66 cents per day.

There are three things we can do to protect ourselves from this growing threat from the bad guys:

  • Be very careful in our online behavior.
  • Install quality anti-malware software and keep it up to date.
  • Have “insurance” that will cure any infections at no cost or reduced cost.

In terms of being careful with our online behavior, this is entirely up to the individual. It is important to avoid file sharing sites, avoid opening attachments or clicking links in email, and to visit only legitimate web sites.

Regarding the latter two bullets, Computer Troubleshooters offers a plan that addresses both areas. The Triple Infection Protection plan protects you from malicious attack in three ways:

  1. We install the professional version of our favored antivirus / antirootkit solution.
  2. We install the professional version of our favored antispyware solution.
  3. Should your computer become infected anyway, we remove the infection and repair the computer at no cost or at reduced cost.

You need to be careful about installing multiple anti-malware programs because many of them are incompatible with one another, resulting in strange behavior or even an inoperable computer. We’ve chosen a pair of products that we know to work well in combination.

The Triple Infection Protection plan comes in several flavors, depending on your level of need. The bottom line is that if you are finding yourself with infections more often than once per year, the Triple Infection Protection plan can save you a lot of money and aggravation. Learn more about the Triple Infection Protection plan.