"Holy #$%^&*!! I just lost all my data!"

This is how a tiny cube can save your bacon…

  • Never again worry about data loss!
  • All computers backed up automatically
  • Share files, music, movies, USB printers, etc
  • No need for external drives and wiring
  • Multi-terabyte storage with plug-n-play expansion
  • Our personalized delivery, installation, and
    configuration service is included in the price.
According to research by the University of Texas, of all small businesses that suffer a catastrophic data loss, only 6% survive the ordeal. 43% never reopen and 51% close within two years. Recovering lost data can cost thousands of dollars and weeks of lost productivity.

But this isn’t a problem only for businesses. Every month, we help everyday home computer users who have lost years worth of precious data due to computer failure. Important financial and budget data, precious digital photos, expensive music and movie collections, or your kids’ homework projects can disappear in a flash, or require costly “clean room” data recovery services to get it back. (Clean room recoveries often cost well in excess of $1000 – $1500 per hard drive).

It’s not a matter of IF your computer storage will fail, but WHEN.

Computer hard drives, which store all of your data inside your computers, are complex mechanical devices that can and do fail. If you haven’t suffered a failure yet, sooner or later you will. Sources of failure include excessive heat, manufacturing flaws, power surges, physical jarring or shock, or just age and bad luck.

Wouldn’t it be great to never worry about losing your data? What if, at the same time, you had a way to easily share data between all of your computers, a way to easily share printers, and a way to automatically back up your laptop and desktop computers without tethering them to external hard drives? Wouldn’t it be great for your critical data to be stored on its own dedicated server, where nobody is surfing potentially dangerous web sites or opening infected email attachments? Wouldn’t it be great for all of this to be centrally managed and fully automatic and painless?

Computer Troubleshooters is offering to hand-deliver such a great solution to you, through a program dubbed “At Your Service” .

Computer Troubleshooters has access to a limited supply of At Your Service centralized storage servers starting at just $595 including hardware, software, installation service, and a one year hardware warranty. As part of the service, we will deliver the server to your home or small business and configure each of your computers for automated hands-off backup, and file and printer sharing. Options include up to 4 terabytes of storage (or even more), and redundant backup of folders shared between computers.

Usually, configuring a server-class computer for managing multiple computers can cost thousands of dollars. An At Your Service server not only backs up all of your computers every day, but also allows you to share files such as music, photos, and movies. Each unit is designed for space and energy efficiency, fitting in a tiny space approximately 8 inches on a side, and drawing about the same energy as a lightbulb.

We believe in this solution because we use it ourselves!

We use this same fantastic little cube to manage multiple computers at our Computer Troubleshooters office, and we use it in our homes. The peace of mind is priceless.

Act now while our supplier is making these servers available at tremendous discount from the normal price, and making our At Your Service program possible. To learn more about how the At Your Service program can take the worry out of computing, contact Computer Troubleshooters at 760-512-0042, or visit this link: At Your Service