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Exciting News! AdlensFocuss is now Allfield™

As some have noticed, Adlens has rebranded their variable focus prescription product under the name Allfield™. They have also announced a newer, lighter weight design and some additional style options. I will be reviewing the new design when I receive a set. Stay tuned.

UPDATE 6/26/2017:  Adlens has informed me that they have made a decision  to put a production freeze on their current design so that they can redirect all resources to a new design. I have been told that the expectation is the new design will offer more style flexibility and a significantly more streamlined and lighter weight product. I have no idea of the timeline but if/when I receive an update I will post that information here.

Update: Adlens Focuss / CustomFocuss in Production

Late last year, Adlens introduced their Focuss (AKA AdlensFocuss, AKA CustomFocuss) glasses in a trial release through test partner Lenscrafters. These glasses are unique in the market in that they combine a standard optometrist eyeglass prescription with an adjustable focus mechanism allowing full visual range without the need to resort to multiple pairs of glasses or progressives / bifocals.  We reviewed that trial product on this blog.

Adlens Focuss and AccessoriesAfter a brief trial run in November – December 2014, Adlens ended the test program to collect their lessons learned and prepare for a full production run. In early June, Adlens announced that they were ready to initiate production, and now the first sets of glasses are rolling off the assembly line. I obtained a pair earlier this week and can now report some results. The glasses were delivered in an impressive package befitting a high end optical product, including a nicely designed case, tote bag, cleaning solution, cleaning cloth, and even a thumb drive. The thumb drive contains a professionally done promotional video that looks like it may become an advertisement, and a registration form. Of course what matters most is not the packaging and accessories but rather the quality of the product within. The news there is good which I share below. However it should be pointed out that at present Lenscrafters is not distributing the production run of Focuss. Instead, distribution is rolling out through a small but reportedly growing list of independent optometrists, and when needed, through direct sales from Adlens.

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Lenscrafter CustomFocuss Review / Adlens Focuss Review

ScreenShot1130[Note to previous readers: see latest updates at the end of this review just above the comment section. Note to new readers: the review has been updated to reflect the current “production run” version of the product available as of June, 2015. Click here to read the updated review.]

Good news to those who had been following my SuperFocus story: CustomFocuss by Adlens is now available. I am working on obtaining a pair and will review them here.

As with the previously posted review of the now defunct SuperFocus technology, this will be a “living post” documenting my experiences with the Adlens Focuss product, being marketed and sold as Lenscrafters CustomFocuss.

[Note: This is no longer true. The product is not currently sold by Lenscrafters, but rather has a network of independent optometrist shops that can be searched on their web site.]

This article will be of interest to you if you wear prescription eyeglasses. Like SuperFocus before it, the Focuss product line from Adlens (hereafter using the Lenscrafters name CustomFocuss or CF for short) is an evolutionary step in eyewear. In brief, one pair of CustomFocuss glasses replaces multiple pairs of single vision, progressive, and bifocal glasses. This is accomplished by matching a standard vision prescription with a variable focusing mechanism, allowing full field vision at all distances. Where with conventional eyewear you may need reading glasses, computer glasses, distance / driving glasses, and perhaps progressive / bifocals, all of these purposes can be served by a single pair of CustomFocuss glasses.

We know that this concept can work well, as proven previously by SuperFocus. The SuperFocus technology was quirky in many ways and had some technical problems, but certainly proved the concept that variable focus eyewear is feasible and can deliver outstanding visual clarity at all distances without the distortions and discomfort of progressive lenses. Unfortunately, the SuperFocus business model lacked an effective marketing and distribution mechanism, and/or lacked sufficient funding, and the company ceased operations in early 2014. Continue reading