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Data Recovery: Making the Best of a Bad Situation

Until you are faced with disaster, you will have no interest in a subject like data recovery. So, let me provide a synopsis up front before you get bored. If you are faced with a dead computer or crashed hard drive, your data (pictures, spreadsheets, Quickbooks data, email, etc) can almost certainly be recovered. At Computer Problem Solvers, data recovery is one of our specialty areas so although recovery can be expensive, we generally get better results faster and for less money than other service providers.

Data recovery can be an expensive process – both for the service itself and also for the value of time lost waiting for the recovery procedure to complete. For this reason, your best method of saving time and money is to be sure that you have a continuous and full backup of all data. We recommend some combination of automatic local backup (such as to an external hard drive or file server), and an on-line / cloud-based backup for the most critical data. However, if you are like many people you will fail to have an adequate backup strategy in place until after disaster has already struck. If you are in this category, read on to learn how to save time and money. Continue reading