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Two “Near New” Dell Optiplex Computers Available at Huge Discount

One of our clients recently purchased excellent, fast new Dell Optiplex business class computers. Three months later, their company was purchased and relocated, so they no longer need those computers. These computers are truly like new, barely used, and even smell like new, and our client is making them available at a huge discount – more than 25% off of the current retail price.

The computers still have over 2.5 years left on their 3 year Dell next business day warranties. These are great computers for your business or home, so if you are interested, contact us ASAP. Originally there were three available, but one of them has sold already, leaving only two.

Here are the specifications:

  • Dell Optiplex 390 with 20″ Monitor and Office 2010 Professional
  • Intel Core i5 – 3.1 GHz processor
  • Windows 7 Pro, 64-bit
  • Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Edition
  • 500 GB hard drive (upgradeable)
  • 4 GB memory  (upgradeable)
  • DVD/CD +/- RW
  • 20″ Dell flat panel video monitor
  • 2.5+ year Dell warranty
  • Cosmetic Condition: A+, as new

The “new” price which was paid by our client direct to Dell only four months ago, was $1243. Your price is only $899, a savings of over $340.

Small Package, Powerful Punch – “Ultranetbook” offers ideal solution for students and road warriors alike.

If you know a road warrior or are sending off your kids to school or college, you might be thinking about equipping them with a new laptop computer, or perhaps you are considering one of the tiny MacBook Air computers, or maybe a tablet.

We have an option for you to throw into that mix, and it’s one of the best all-around packages we’ve seen in awhile. We’ve obtained a handful of Dell ultranetbooks and have configured them to offer an ideal mix of size, weight, power, and convenience at an awesome price.

Size: These laptops are small, but not tiny. With a bright 11.6″ display, they’re smaller and lighter weight than most laptops, yet larger than netbooks which are typically 9 or 10 inches. It is the same screen size as the MacBook Air, but at a fraction of the price. It’s less than an inch thin.

Weight: At a hair over 3 lbs, they’re a bit heavier than a netbook, yet a couple of pounds lighter than ordinary laptops. This makes them easy to carry around the house, campus, and airports.

Power: Equipped with speedy Intel Core i3 processor, this Ultranetbook will run rings around an ordinary netbook, and is faster than typical entry level laptops. Ordinary netbooks use the much slower Atom processor, which has benchmark speeds about 75% slower than Intel Core i3, and entry level laptops typically use a sluggish Celeron processor or low end AMD processors which are slow and power hungry.

Convenience: With our service bundle, we not only do the initial setup, including removing “junkware” and installing the full Open Office product suite (which includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint compatible office tools), and AVG antivirus software, we also provide a really nice carrying case, a slick wireless mouse with nano receiver, and more.

Power Bundles: We are offering amazing power upgrade options including blazing fast solid state hard drives and lots of memory. With a solid state hard drive, the computer starts up in a about a quarter the time of a conventional laptop, and loads applications in a flash. Also, solid state drives have no moving parts, so will hold up to rough handling of travelers and students.

Price: The base “Back to School” bundle is available for only $399 plus $99 setup service and includes the free carrying case, mouse, software, and configuration service. The “Performance” bundle adds a 120 GB solid state drive and 4 GB memory upgrade, and the “Road Warrior” bundle adds a 250 GB solid state drive and 8 GB memory upgrade. These bundles are priced at just $559 and $759 respectively, plus $99 setup service.

How do these packages compare to other options?  A 128 GB MacBook Air costs $1100, and a 256 GB model costs $1400, about double the price of one of our equivalent Dell ultranetbooks. iPads are closer in price ($500 – $800), and they do lots of great things, but they don’t run conventional software and are nearly impossible to use for important productivity tasks like word processing and spreadsheets. I love my iPad, but I can’t do much real work with it.

So what’s the catch? Well, we only have five of these available, so if you want one you should contact us soon to claim yours. Once those five are claimed, we may or may not be able to obtain more. We have one unit on display, so come and take a look.

Here are the specifications:

  • Manufacturer: Dell
  • Warranty: Dell direct warranty, 1 year
  • Operating System: Windows 7, 64-bit
  • Processor: Core i3-330UM
  • Memory: 2 GB – 8 GB
  • Hard Drive: 250 GB
  • Solid State Drive Options: 120 GB, 250 GB, 500 GB
  • Display: 11.6″
  • Resolution: 1366 x 768
  • Ports: 3 USB, headphone, microphone
  • Memory Cards – 7 in 1 reader
  • Video Out: VGA, HDMI
  • Battery Life: est. 5+ hours
  • Value Added Bundle Items:
  1. rooCase carry case with shoulder strap
  2. Pennix mouse with nano receiver
  3. Solid state drive and memory options
  4. Configuration / setup / junkware removal
  5. Microsoft Office 2010 Starter and Open Office suite preinstalled
  6. AVG antivirus software preinstalled

Package Prices when Bundled with $99 Setup:

  • $399 – Back to School Bundle: computer, mouse, case, setup, Microsoft Office 2010 Starter, Open Office, AVG
  • $559 – Performance Bundle: above, with 120 GB solid state drive and 4 GB RAM
  • $759 – Road Warrior Bundle: above, with 250 GB solid state drive and 8 GB RAM

Referrals and Reviews (and a Bonus!)

We have gotten many great reviews from our customers, and we want you to know how much we appreciate it. We have seen your reviews on Yelp, Angie’s List, Google, and Yahoo, and those reviews really do make a difference for a small neighborhood business like ours. Some of our “big box” competitors like Geek Squad have multimillion dollar national advertising budgets that they can use to sometimes overwhelm small businesses with saturation advertising and bait-and-switch loss leader promotions, so we sure appreciate your helping us to get the word out.

It would be inappropriate for us to offer a reward in trade for a review, so hopefully our gratitude will suffice. If you haven’t given us a review but feel compelled to do so we’d appreciate it.

On the other hand, it is appropriate to offer a bonus for referrals. Referrals from satisfied customers are the lifeblood of a community business. As such, we are launching a new program where we will offer you a 10% discount on your next service project every time we get a new referral from you. We always ask new clients how they heard about us, and if they tell us you referred them, we’ll make note of that in your customer record. The next time you come in, we’ll be happy to offer you that special discount.

Thanks again for all of your kind reviews and referrals.