Data Recovery

We offer the best data recovery service in Encinitas or San Diego County.  Your data is your most valuable computing asset. Compared to data, hardware is cheap. You might spend $100 on a hard drive, but you might spend hundreds of labor hours creating your data. Even at minimum wage, a month of lost labor is worth well over $1000, while a lawyer might charge that much for three hours or less. Replacing documents created by such labor is very expensive.

Statistics show that the majority of businesses that suffer catastrophic data loss never fully recover, and many go out of business. But it's not just a business problem: some data, like photos of your children, has no price. It simply can never be replaced.

Unfortunately, data recovery can be tricky. Some types of data recovery are relatively easy and inexpensive. For example, if your computer dies there is a good chance that the hard drive is intact, and therefore your data can be easily obtained and moved to another computer or device. Other cases require specialized knowledge, tools, and equipment, and recovery can be time and labor intensive.

Our data recovery expertise exceeds most of our competitors. We routinely recover data from hard drives after our competitors have failed. Often our competitors (particularly the "big box" chain stores) will not even attempt a data recovery job, or will quickly farm the job out to a costly third party. Their starting price for recovery services might be $500, $600 or more, and topping out at $2500 and above for more complex jobs.

We can save you money in two ways:

  • We conduct more successful data recovery here in our local shop than most competitors, so we are less likely to have to send the job to a specialist. (Why? We have specialized equipment that others don't have, giving us more in-house repair and recovery versatility than the typical computer shop.)
  • When we do send to a specialist, we use partners who charge less than the industry average and we pass the savings on to you.

Although our focus is on quality of results rather than lowest price, over time we have found that our data recovery prices are the best among any quality service provider, a reflection of our expertise, efficiency, and vendor selection. As proof of that, we encourage you to get a written price quote from any competitor before coming to us. If you do, you will find that our pricing will typically save you hundreds of dollars.

Contact us today to see for a free diagnosis of your data recovery problem.

Types of Data Recovery

  • Recovery from failed computer
  • Lost file data recovery
  • Lost partition recovery
  • Recovery from damaged platter
  • Recovery from stuck drive head
  • Recovery from electronics failure
  • RAID recovery
  • SSD recovery