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That's what our SecureCare plans are all about. Look at all the things you can get for one low fixed price! Imagine, protection against losses from fire, theft, software corruption, hardware failure, and more, for your desktop or laptop PC or Mac.

Feature Description*
Monitored Online Backup Feel secure that your data is protected from loss! Your precious photos and critical documents need to be backed up regularly. All computer storage devices are vulnerable to mechanical or electronic failure. Although failure at any given time is rare, sooner or later almost everyone experiences at least one hardware failure. Local backups are a good idea, but (a) they still leave your data vulnerable to theft, earthquake, fire, and other catastrophes, and (b) most people do not monitor their backups to ensure they are running regularly and completely. We will perform daily, continuous backups of your most critical data, stored securely hundreds of miles away, and we monitor the backup status around the clock to ensure your backups do not fail. Your backup software is provided at no extra cost.
Antivirus Feel secure that your computer is protected from infections. We protect you by using commercial grade tools that the worldwide Computer Troubleshooters team has found to be the most effective and least disruptive to your life. The best known antivirus products are usually the least effective and the most likely to slow your computer to a crawl. They also tend to be the most pricey and have the most annoying marketing. We take care of all these problems for you by installing the best available protection software and keeping it up to date. Our solutions cover viruses, spyware, worms, trojans, and rootkits. Your protection software is provided at no extra cost.
Identity Theft Protection Feel secure that your identity is protected. Identity Protection uses a technology called behavioral analysis to make sure all the programs running on your PC are operating the way they should. If Identity Protection spots something suspicious that could indicate an attempted identity theft attack, it shuts that activity down, preventing any possible theft from happening. Your protection software is provided at no extra cost.
2-Way Firewall Feel secure that your computer is protected from internet hackers. We install a bi-directional firewall that provides superior protection both from ingoing and outgoing attacks on your computer. Your protection software is provided at no extra cost.
Telephone Help Desk Feel secure that we are here to help you with your everyday computer questions and concerns. You can call our local office helpline and get assistance with various computer tips and tricks during our normal business hours.
Interactive Remote Help Feel secure that your trusted technician can connect to your computer without your having to leave your home or office. With our remote support agent, at your command we can connect to your computer and step you through solutions to vexing problems, or take care of it all for you quickly. Your remote service software is provided at no extra cost.
24/7 Problem Monitoring Feel secure from unexpected failures and conflicts. Our systems are able to monitor you computer around the clock, looking for symptoms of pending system failure.  If we detect an imminent problem, we can fix it before you even know it exists, or alert you that a service call is needed. Your monitoring software is provided at no extra cost.
Problem Diagnostics Feel secure that we can evaluate your computer problems. Drop off your computer with us and we will diagnose problems and let you know about potential solutions. Many problems also can be diagnosed by a remote connection to your computer.
Performance Optimization Feel secure that we can transform your sluggish computer to its peak performance. We will help you squeeze the maximum performance possible by fixing software conflicts, prevent unnecessary programs from bogging down your computer, and tuning up various system components as needed. We may also recommend upgrades such as memory and hard drive, and if you agree to make such changes the upgrade is free of charge.
Software Repair Feel secure that operating system and software corruptions will be corrected. We always endeavor to pinpoint and fix software problems that are disruption your normal computer use, and if necessary we can reinstall your operating system and key application programs.
System Performance Tuneup Feel secure knowing that you computer is operating at peak performance. If your computer appears sluggish, it may be the result of many issues, including spyware infections, hard drive problems, excessive junkware, or inadequate memory. We will diagnose your situation and repair it remotely if possible, or advise if an in-person visit is required.
Hardware Repair Feel secure that we've got you covered for hardware failures. All computers eventually fail. We will repair all field replaceable parts on your desktop or laptop computer. This includes hard drives, memory, batteries, optical drives, video cards, power supplies, LCD panels, keyboards, and more.  If a repair is not practical or cost effective, we can help you to replace your computer and migrate to a new one.
Infection Removal Feel secure from sneaky infections. Even the best antivirus software is imperfect. Viruses are evolving daily, and detection software is continually evolving to keep up with new infection sources. However, from time to time your protection system may be compromised resulting in an infected computer. We will repair your infection usually be removing it and repairing any related system damage. If necessary, we will reinstall your operating system and key application programs.
Wireless Security Feel secure that your local area network is protected from drive-by hackers or deadbeats using your internet connection and draining away the bandwith you are paying for. We will ensure that your wireless network is password protected and encrypted to thwart attack.
Network Repair Feel secure that your network will stay up and running. Although we can't control the connection coming from your internet service provider, we can ensure that your local area network (router, network interface cards, wireless cards, access points, switches, and hubs) are functioning properly, and replace components as necessary.
Computer Purchase Feel secure that you won't be left at the mercy of geeks at computer chains when selecting new computer equipment. When you are ready to buy, we will talk to you to understand your needs, then make recommendations for your purchase. If you buy your computer through us, we can handle the purchase and data migration between old and new computers for you at no extra charge.
Local Technicians You Trust Feel secure that your computers and data are safe in the hands of local professionals that you trust, not the "geek of the week", faceless remote strangers, or, worse, overseas technicians that barely speak English.

* Limitations:

There is a one-time setup fee of $49. This fee is waived with annual prepayment of subscription fees.

Our diagnostic and repair work is provided on a best effort basis. Although our goal is always to preserve your existing system, we may determine that a problem is not cost effective for repair, and instead recommend replacement.

Our help desk and diagnostic services are available during normal business hours and days. Although we endeavor to serve you immediately upon request, during peak times we may need to schedule a time for service in advance.

Repair and upgrade services do not include the cost for software or hardware parts, tax, or freight unless otherwise indicated. These costs will be quoted to you prior to commencement of related services.

Our Help Desk plan provides you with access to our telephone and remote connection help services. With these services, we can fix many problems without your having to leave your home or office. These services include diagnostics, tuneups, system error corrections, and some cases of infections. We can also step you through procedures on how to use your computer and common software. Fixes that require hands-on access to your computer are not included, however if such a repair is necessary we will credit your monthly fee toward the cost of that service. Remote services require that you have working internet access.

We are never responsible for loss of data, and any related losses, on any medium at any time. If applicable, we set up and monitor your data backups and assist in restoring your data from backups when needed. However, any intermediate data loss or failures of third party equipment or services is outside of our control. Technology such as antivirus and identity theft protection and designed to prevent these kinds of attacks, however they are imperfect and do not replace the need for vigilant and prudent use of technology and the internet, and in any case we cannot guarantee 100% perfection of any product.

Software such as antivirus products are always evolving. Over time, we may find that features or performance are better for one brand than another, and we may change the product used on you computer accordingly.

Additional monitored backup storage space is available for only 90 cents per 1,000,000,000 bytes (1 GB) per month.

Macintosh support does not include malware protection.

Server support is available with our business plans.


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